Folding trailer Littleway

Frequently Questions

The LittleWay trailer is approved for Europe with the N^:e9*2007/46*3103*00

Is a registered and patented PCT trademark

It has double anticorrosion protection, which guarantees the highest quality product. All its mobile elements, such as springs and pins, are finished in stainless and chromed.

The axes are of the highest quality German technology.

Tyres 195x55x10C, radial load, support 450 kg in 145Km/h each one, with a pressure with maximum load of 6,5 bares(Mid pressure 4,5 bares).

All coupling systems of the spear, they are equipped with the latest machining and tempering technologies, with the aim of achieving maximum precision, safety and durability.

The LittleWay trailer is entirely made in Spain.MADE IN SPAIN.

The LittleWay trailer is a lightweight trailer. Type 01

The light trailers are those with an MMA less than 750Kg, currently it is not necessary to pass technical inspection in this type of trailers in Spain. However each European country has an independent regulation.

* Consult the regulations of each country. All LittleWay trailers have COC (Certificate of conformity) with which you can homologate and register the trailer in your country.

In Spain:

  • They carry a copy of their car’s license plate.
  • These trailers do not enroll.
  • They need a data sheet issued by their manufacturer.
  • Do not pay circulation tax.
  • Vehicle insurance circulates.
  • It is important to inform the insurance that our vehicle has a coupling.

*For the other EU countries consult regulations.

Yes. As long as they do not exceed the measures of the same. In the event that this is the case, it is necessary to put the indicated signs in the current regulations of each country.

In no case can the vehicle’s MMA weight be exceeded.

You must remember that Littleway is a motorcycle trailer, “not a cargo trailer”

The LittleWay trailers have a built-in electric cable system with 7-pin connector.

If you have a 13-pin connector, you can purchase an adapter accessory.

The trailer must have the lance deployed whenever it is used.

The rear telescopes can be completely collected, but the spear always deployed.

No. All necessary movements are executed with safety pins.

Each trailer arrives in its corresponding packaging. Unlike other manufacturers Littleway sends the trailers completely assembled. All packages carry their instructions.

As all vehicles need a maintenance. The main thing is to check the tire pressure, remember that we have wheels of load that swell between 4 and 6 bars. Once a year check the hardware in general, and especially that of the spear.

Remolque ARROW

For motorcycles up to 400 kilos

Unlike the Littleway classic and plus, the ARROW model is semi-folding. Its rear part consists of a single telescopic longer. The spear has only one fold. The result is a trailer that can be left with the following measures.

*Given the weight and height measurement we recommend two people to put it upright.

*The Littleway Arrow trailer is recommended for motorcycles up to 250 kilos.

*Before any operation make sure you have removed the carrier license plate.

To execute the task of loading and unloading any model Littleway, the trailer must be previously attached to the vehicle.

*To climb the bike you have two options:

the motorcycle is pushed up to the top of the wheel, the leg is placed and secured.

2º You can include accessories in your purchase:

a) “Manual winch ”

b) “Mobile car”

In this case the mobile car goes down to the ground, you insure the motorcycle in the car receiver and it goes up by means of the manual winch.

The Littleway ARROW has a removable plate, that integrates the lights of the trailer and the space for the registration, It has the integrated electric cable. Once placed in your position you will take the cable down the ramp from the trailer to the car connector.

The cables of the Littleway trailers constant 7-pole connection. If your vehicle has a 13-pin connector, you can get a adapter.

Remolque PLUS

For motorcycles up to 500 kilos

Is the muscular version of Littleway classic. Folds completely by means of its three rear telescopes and its double fold in the spear. It has a wider and more robust axle capable of supporting a maximum weight of 750 kilos. A very solid trailer recommended for motorcycles up to 500 kilos.

Once deployed and hooked to the car, with the motorcycle running, we will go up its ramp, supporting the feet in the tracks with total security up to the wheel stop. once we have achieved this operation the motorcycle is stable to proceed with its anchoring.

*Before any operation, make sure you have removed the license plate.

The Littleway Clasic carry the integrated power cord. You will carry the cable by the trailer ramp to the car connector.

The cables of the Littleway trailers constant 7-pole connection. If your vehicle has a 13-pin connector, you can get a adapter.